So-Called Dollars

HK 1 - 589

HK-1 - Erie Canal Completion
HK-2 to HK-4 - U.S. Semicentennial
HK-5 to HK-8 - Crystal Palace
HK-9 to HK-10b - Heenan-Sayers Boxing Bout
HK-11 to HK-11e - Bombardment of Fort Sumter
HK-12 to HK-12b - Pacific Railway Completion
HK-13 to HK-15 - Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial
HK-1003-1003a - San Francisco Mint Coining Press
HK-16 to HK-18 - Battle of Lexington Centennial
HK-19 to HK-19a - Nevada Dollar
HK-20 to HK-118b - U.S. Centennial Exposition
HK-119 to HK-137 - Revolutionary War Battles, Anniversaries, Headquarters, Memorials, Monuments
HK-138 to HK-141b - Pennsylvania Bicentennial
HK-142 to HK-144c - "World's" Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition
HK-145 to HK-145a - Washington National Monument
HK-146 to HK-147a - Ohio Valley and Central States Centennial Exposition
HK-148 - National Monument to the Forefathers
HK-149 - Tin - First Car Load Produced in America
HK-150 to HK-153a - Vermont Statehood Centennial
HK-154 to HK-243b - World's Columbian Exposition
HK-244 to HK-244b - US Capitol Centennial
HK-245 to HK-267 - California Midwinter Exposition
HK-268 to HK-271a - Cotton States and International Exposition
HK-272 to HK-273 - Fitzsimmons-Maher Boxing Bout
HK-274 to HK-275a - Tennessee Centennial Exposition
HK-276 to HK-277 - Corbett-Fitzsimmons Boxing Bout
HK-278 to HK-279a - Grant's Tomb Dedication
HK-1009a - Utah - 50th Anniversary of Settlement - 1897
HK-280 to HK-280a - Battle of Manila Bay
HK-281 to HK-284a - Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition
HK-285 to HK-286 - U.S. Battleship Maine
HK-287 to HK-291 - Pan-American Exposition
HK-292 to HK-295a - South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition
HK-296 - Wells Fargo & Company Semicentennial
HK-297 to HK-298 - New York Stock Exchange Building
HK-299 to HK-323a - Louisiana Purchase Exposition
HK-324 to HK-324a - U.S.S. California Launching
HK-325 to HK-334 - Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition
HK-335 to HK-339 - Pike's Peak, "Southwest Expedition" Centennial
HK-340 to HK-343a - San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
HK-344 to HK-349b - Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition
HK-350 to HK-352d - United States Navy World Voyage
HK-353 to HK-368a - Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
HK-369 to HK-385 - Hudson-Fulton Celebration
HK-386 to HK-388b - Meeting of Presidents Taft and Diaz
HK-389 to HK-389b - Portola Festival
HK-390 to HK-392 - Brian Boru Dollar
HK-393 to HK-395 - Ohio Valley Exposition
HK-396 - Louisiana Statehood Centennial
HK-397 - Portola Festival
HK-398 to HK-398b - Panama Canal Completion
HK-399 to HK-425 - Panama-Pacific International Exposition
HK-426 to HK-434 - Panama-California Exposition
HK-435 to HK-448b - World War I, Visit of our Allies and their Guard of Honor, Veteran Corps of Artillery of NY
HK-449 to HK-450 - Manila Mint Opening
HK-451 to HK-458 - U.S. Sesquicentennial Exposition
HK-459 - Pacific American International Exposition
HK-460 to HK-460a - McCormick Reaper Centennial - International Harvester Company
HK-461 to HK-462 - William Penn - 250th Anniversary of the Arrival in America - 1932
HK-463 to HK-475 - Century of Progress
HK-476 to HK-477 - San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge Completion
HK-478 to HK-490a - Golden Gate International Exposition
HK-491 to HK-494 - New York World's Fair
HK-495 - International Monetary Conference
HK-496 to HK-498 - California Gold Discovery Centennial
HK-499 - International Airport Dedication
HK-500 to HK-502 - California Gold Rush Centennial
HK-503 to HK-505 - California Statehood Centennial
HK-506 to HK-506b - American Commemorative Society
HK-507 to HK-508 - Washington D.C. Sesquicentennial - Annv. of Establishment of a Permanent National Capital
HK-509 to HK-509c - Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial
HK-510 to HK-512 - "Cradle of the Union" Celebration
HK-513 to HK-514 - Butterfield Overland Stage and Tipton Centennial
HK-515 to HK-516a - Coeur D'Alenes Silver Jubilee
HK-517 to HK-525b - Minnesota Statehood Centennial
HK-526 - Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park
HK-527 - Alaska Statehood
HK-528 to HK-537 - Alaska-Hawaii Statehood
HK-538 to HK-541 - American Airlines Jet Dollar - 1959 - First Jet Air Service Across the United States
HK-542 to HK-546 - Colorado "Rush to the Rockies" Centennial
HK-547 to HK-551 - Hawaii Statehood
HK-552 to HK-552a - Nevada Silver Centennial
HK-553 to HK-573a - Oregon Statehood Centennial
HK-574 to HK-574a - Soil Conservation Society of America
HK-575 to HK-576 - Alaska Festival of Music
HK-577 - Boy Scouts of America - 50th Anniversary Jamboree
HK-578 - Christening of U.S.S. Enterprise
HK-579 to HK-581 - Mardi Gras Celebration
HK-582 to HK-585 - Pony Express Centennial
HK-586 - Kansas Statehood Centennial
HK-587 - Mobile 250th Anniversary
HK-588 to HK-589 - Pony Express Termination Centennial