So-Called Dollars


Medal issued by Kansas Centennial Commission, Topeka and is "combination of designs of Topeka artist and experts in Treasury Department"; authorized by 86th Congress; struck at Philadelphia Mint. Controversy and criticism developed both because many considered medal unattractive and because of method of distribution.

"Special procedures" were established "to make sure none of medals would leave Kansas." Application forms were supplied "only to bona fide 596 banks and trust companies...on a population basis Issue limited to 20,000 Silver pieces; sold for $2.50. Almost immediately, however, medals became available elsewhere but at substantially increased prices.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. At top, Kansas; below is covered wagon drawn by oxen proceeding l.; to l. 1861, to r. 1961; mountains and setting sun with rays in background; below oxen and wagon is a small rectangular shield depicting shape or map of Kansas with a star outside at each end.
Rev. In center is vertical stalk of wheat upon a sunflower; above around • Statehood •; below around Centennial

HK-586 Silver. 33mm. Turner 4.

HK-582 to HK-585