So-Called Dollars

HK 589a - 776


HK-589a to HK-589c - Nassau Water Works
HK-590 to HK-590a - Bridgeport Board of Trade
HK-591 - Nashville Centennial Exposition
HK-592 - Baltimore Festival
HK-593 to HK-593a - Albany Burgesses Corps Semicentennial
HK-594 to HK-594b - American Exhibition of Foreign Products
HK-595 to HK-595b - Sesquicentennial of Settlement of Georgia
HK-596 to HK-597a - German-American Bicentennial
HK-598 - Charlotte Firemen's Monument
HK-599 to HK-599b - Middletown Centennial
HK-600 to HK-600a - St. Louis Exposition and Music Hall
HK-601 to HK-603 - Albany Bicentennial
HK-604 - Milwaukee Industrial Exposition
HK-605 to HK-606 - Providence - 250th Anniversary
HK-607 - St. Louis 26th Annual Fair
HK-608 to HK-609 - Springfield 250th Anniversary
HK-610 - Georgia State Fair
HK-611 - New Haven Soldiers and Sailors Monument
HK-612 to HK-612a - Seneca Falls Centennial
HK-613 to HK-614a - New Haven 250th Anniversary
HK-615 - Fayetteville Centennial
HK-616 to HK-616a - Maryland Exposition
HK-617, 617b and 617c - Allegheny City Semicentennial
HK-617a - Civil War Monument
HK-618 to HK-618a - Easton Centennial
HK-619 to HK-620 - Iowa State Capitol
HK-621 to HK-622 - South Carolina General Assembly Centennial
HK-623 - Stockton Courthouse Dedication
HK-624 to HK-624a - Bridgeport Columbian Celebration
HK-625 - Buncombe County Centennnial
HK-626 - King Cotton Carnival and Mardi Gras
HK-627 to HK-628 - Phillipsburg Columbian Celebration
HK-629 - Pittsburgh Exposition
HK-630 to HK-630a - Bunker Hill Carnival
HK-631 to HK-631b - Cazenovia Centennial
HK-632 to HK-632a - Nebraska State Fair
HK-633 to HK-633a - Randolph Centennial
HK-634 - Attleboro Bicentennial
HK-635 - California Admission Day Celebration
HK-636 to HK-636a - Dayton Centennial
HK-637 to HK-637a - Greene County Centennial
HK-638 - Western Reserve Centennial
HK-639 - Cloverdale Citrus Fair
HK-640 - New Bedford Semicentennial
HK-641 - San Francisco City Hall - Mechanics Institute Fair
HK-642 - California Gold Discovery Semicentennial
HK-643 to HK-643b - Peace Jubilee - 1898
HK-644 to HK-644a - Philadelphia Exposition
HK-645 - Detroit Bicentennial
HK-646 - Dexter Centennial
HK-647 to HK-647a - Norwalk 250th Anniversary
HK-648 to HK-648a - Phoenix Capitol Dedication
HK-649 to HK-650 - New England Association of Arts and Crafts
HK-651 - Merchants & Manufacturers Exhibition Association
HK-651a to HK-651b - Atlantic City 50th Anniversary
HK-652 to HK-653 - Cincinnati Fall Festival
HK-653a - Utah Peach Day
HK-654 to HK-654a - Philadelphia 225th Anniversary
HK-655 to HK-655b - Belmont Semicentennial
HK-656 - Southern Electrical & Industrial Exposition
HK-657 - Minneapolis Civic Celebration
HK-658 to HK-659 - Mobile Bicentennial
HK-660 - California Admission Day Celebration
HK-661 to HK-661a - Discovery of Florida - 400th Anniversary
HK-662 to HK-662a - Montana 25th Anniversary of Statehood - 50th Anniversary of the Organization of the Territory
HK-663 to HK-664 - Chicopee 25th Anniversary
HK-665 to HK-665a - Haverhill 275th Anniversary
HK-666 to HK-666a - Northboro 150th Anniversary
HK-667 - Catskill Aqueduct Completion
HK-668 to HK-668a - Cheyenne Semicentennial
HK-669 to HK-669a - Essex Centennial
HK-670 to HK-670a - Hampden County Memorial Bridge Dedication
HK-671 - Jacksonville Golden Jubilee
HK-672 - Canton Centennial
HK-673 - Norse-American Centennial
HK-674 to HK-674a - New Jersey Sesquicentennial Celebration
HK-675 to HK-677 - Boston Tercentenary
HK-678 - Battle Creek Centennial
HK-679 to HK-679b - San Antonio Bicentennial
HK-689 to HK-687 - Santa Monica Breakwater
HK-688 - Windsor 300th Anniversary
HK-689 - Wolfville Western Days
HK-690 - Boise Centennial - Fort Boise
HK-691 - Wethersfield Tercentenary
HK-692 - Shreveport Centennial
HK-693 - Beloit Centennial
HK-693a - Kenosha Centennial
HK-693b - Burlington Centennial
HK-694 to HK-694a - Long Island Tercentenary
HK-695 - Springfield 300th Anniversary
HK-696 - Wisconsin Territorial Centennial
HK-697 - Delaware Tercentenary
HK-698 - Middletown-Portland Bridge
HK-699 - Northwest Territory Celebration
HK-700 - Stratford Tercentenary
HK-700a - The Philharmonic Symphony Society Centennial
HK-701 - Long Beach Centennial
HK-702 to HK-703 - Lick Freeway Dedication
HK-704 - Mariposa Court House Centennial
HK-705 - Northampton Tercentenary
HK-706 - West Hartford Centennial
HK-707 - Gnaden Huetten Massacre Bicentennial
HK-708 - King William County Circuit Court
HK-709 to HK-709a - Mackinac Bridge
HK-710 to HK-711 - Mansfield Sesquicentennial
HK-712 - Salina Centennial
HK-713 - Valley City Diamond Jubilee
HK-714 - Fresno Diamond Jubilee
HK-715 - Jackson City Hall and Library
HK-716 to HK-717 - Old Tucson
HK-717a - Coney Island
HK-718 to HK-719 - "East Tincup"
HK-720 to HK-720a - Gasparilla Pirate Festival
HK-721 to HK-723 - Hawaii
HK-724 to HK-724a - Los Angeles Council Visitation
HK-725 to HK-725c - Louisiana Mechanics & Agricultural Fair Association
HK-726 - New Orleans
HK-727 - Olivia Spring Home Show
HK-728 to HK-728a - Spokane Chamber of Commerce
HK-729 - Truckee Ice Carnival
HK-730 - Virginia Agricultural, Mechanical & Tobacco Exposition
HK-731 to HK-731b - Consolidated Kansas City Smelting & Refining Company
HK-732 to HK-732a - San Francisco Chronicle 25th Anniversary
HK-733 - Mechanics Fair Centennial - Goodyear Welt and Turned Shoes
HK-734 to HK-734a - Anaconda Mine
HK-734b - Parrot Mine
HK-735 to HK-736a - U.S. Express Company 50th Anniversary
HK-737 to HK-737b - Rogers Brothers 75th Anniversary
HK-738 - Paramount Pictures 15th Anniversary
HK-739 - Dodge Brothers 25th Anniversary
HK-739a to HK-739c - Kelvinator 25th Anniversary
HK-740 - Paramount Pictures 30th Anniversary
HK-741 - Northwest Paper Company 50th Anniversary - Weyerhauser Forest Products
HK-742 - General Outdoor Advertising Company 25th Anniversary
HK-742a - Virtue Brothers Manufacturing Company 25th Anniversary
HK-743 to HK-744 - North American Aviation, Inc. 25th Anniversary
HK-745 - Wabash Railroad Centennial
HK-746 to HK-746a - Borden Company Centennial
HK-747 to HK-749 - Convair Astronautics Plant Dedication - General Dynamics Corporation
HK-750 to HK-751d - Marketing Device Association
HK-752 - Louisiana Pharmaceutical Association
HK-753 to HK-754 - Disneyland
HK-755 - New England Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths Association
HK-756 to HK-757 - Dr. Elisha Kent Kane
HK-758 to HK-758a - Robert E. Lee Statue Unveiling
HK-759 to HK-760 - Ulysses S. Grant Monument Unveiling - Chicago, IL
HK-761 to HK-762 - Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson Statue Dedication
HK-763 to HK-763b - George Washington Monument Dedication
HK-764 - William Lloyd Garrison Statue
HK-765 to HK-766 - Carter H. Harrison Statue
HK-767 - Ada Rehan
HK-768 to HK-768a - Ulysses S. Grant Statue Unveiling - Philadelphia, PA
HK-769 - John G. Fee
HK-769a to HK-772 - Frances E. Willard
HK-773 to HK-774 - Robert E. Lee Birthplace Bicentennial
HK-775 - Mark Twain Centennial
HK-776 - Boothe Homestead