So-Called Dollars


Located but few miles north of Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe, this was first community on Pacific Coast to establish winter sports program. Started as private enterprise by E. F. McGlashan, prominent Truckee citizen and attorney, it quickly became annual civic program; chartered first as Carnival of Ice, later as Winter Sports, Inc. On Main Street, real Ice Palace was created, elliptical in shape, 150 ft. by 250 ft.; toboggan slide began at its 75 ft. tower.

This was Official Medal, apparently issued in early 1890s; struck by L. H. Moise, San Francisco in quite limited number.

Photos courtesy of Fred Holabird

Obv. Ice Palace, toboggan slide and trees on main street--all within center circle; outside, around * Souvenir * Truckee Ice Carnival
Rev. Variety of State Seal (with rays and reclining bear); at bottom edge, microscopic Moise S.F.

HK-729 Gilt Bronze. 33mm.

HK-728 to HK-728a