So-Called Dollars

HK 1000 - 1033

PART IV - Unique and Near-Unique Issues

These medals have been incorporated into Parts I, II, and III. The links below will take you to the appropriate page.

HK-1000 to HK-1001 - Erie Canal Completion
HK-1002 - U.S. Semicentennial
HK-1003 to HK-1003a - San Francisco Mint Coining Press
HK-1004 - Battle of Lexington Centennial
HK-1005 - Eutopia Dollar
HK-1006 - World's Columbian Exposition
HK-1007 to HK-1009 - Bickford Dollars
HK-1009a - Utah - 50th Anniversary of Settlement
HK-1010 to HK-1015 - Bryan Dollars
HK-1016 to HK-1021 - Lesher or Referendum Dollars
HK-1022 to HK-1028 - Elder "Wilson" or "Gold Basis" Dollars
HK-1029 - Panama Canal Completion
HK-1030 - Panama-Pacific International Exposition
HK-1031 - Manila Mint Opening (Wilson Dollar)
HK-1032 - U.S. Sesquicentennial Exposition
HK-1033 - Golden Gate International Exposition