So-Called Dollars


See also Part I, Ohio Valley and Central States Centennial Exposition--1888 and Ohio Valley Exposition--1910.

Apparently Ohio Mechanics Institute succeeded by Cincinnati Fall Festival Association as sponsor of annual industrial fairs. Latter organized 1900 by local businessmen; staged first exposition that year in famed Music Hall; annually thereafter through 1906. This 1906 Festival held Sept. 5-22; included "huge spectacle...on canal banks"; attracted "hundreds of thousands of people."

Medal below obviously is souvenir of Festival but issuer, designer, extent of issue unknown.

Photos courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Obv. Within open wreath is conjoined C and two reverse F's (seal of Association)--all within beaded circle; outside, above around Cincinnati Fall Festival; below • 1906 •; beaded border.
Rev. Edifice; above Souvenir; below edifice 1906; beaded border.

HK-652 Brass. 33mm.
HK-653 Nickel.

HK-651a to HK-651b