So-Called Dollars


Both medals issued privately; sold at "bank" in East Tincup, replica of mining town of 1880s; opened as tourist attraction 1960 at cost of over $250,000; was located 12 miles west of Denver on route U.S. 40 near Golden, CO, but now defunct. Medals designed by W. M. Webber Jr., operator of enterprise; 1,000 of each struck by Wendell-Northwestern; sold for 50 cents. (See also Part I, Pony Express Centennial--1960, for additional East Tincup medal).


Commemorates Windsor Hotel, first plush hotel in Denver, demolished circa 1960; owned by H. A. W. Tabor, "silver king" of state. Tabor Hotel in East Tincup was replica; contained many items owned originally by Tabor and wife, "Baby Doe."

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Edifice; to l. is female bust facing r., within circle; above Baby Doe, below Tabor; to r. is male bust, facing l., within circle; above H. A. W., below Tabor; above edifice Silver Tradition; below edifice The Windsor
Rev. Miner or prospector proceeding r. leading pack donkey; above Re-Live the Old West / With Us; below all East Tincup. Colo.

HK-718 Nickel-silver. 33mm.


Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. Wagon train proceeding l.; mountains in background; above East Tincup. Colo. / Re-Live / the Old West / With Us
Rev. Tin cup in center; on cup Gen. 31: 49; above Mizpah; below cup East Tincup. Colo. (Biblical reference: Mizpah's farewell to his brother, Joseph "The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another.")

HK-719 Gilt Bronze. 33mm.