So-Called Dollars

1893, 1905, 1933

Frances E. Willard (1839-1898) was leader of temperance movement; president of Women's Christian Temperance Union in 1879; helped organize Prohibition Party. Her statue is Illinois' contribution to Statuary Hall, Washington, DC.

National Statuary Hall created 1864 to occupy former hall of House of Representatives; states invited to contribute not more than two statues of distinguished persons worthy of national commemoration. In 1933 number of statues in Hall itself limited to 48, others to be placed elsewhere in Capitol. By 1960, total of 79 statues had been contributed by 42 states. Most issues of this general type were of official nature, cost of statue being met by public contributions. Considerable revenue often was derived from sale of medals and other souvenirs commemorating event.

Photos courtesy of Robert Mayer

Obv. Young girl stands on pedestal, facing l., holding in outstretched hands a basin, from which water pours; to l., around, Willard Fountain; to r., around, Chicago 1893; beaded border.
Rev. Within Formée cross, Presented / to / Chicago / by the / Loyal Temperance Legion / of the World's / W.C.T.U.; dotted background; beaded border.

HK-769a Aluminum. 38mm. Eglit 447.

Photos courtesy of W. David Perkins

Obv. Statue of full female figure facing l. on podium; around Frances. E. Willard.
Rev. Wreath, open at bottom, with ribbons at upper edge; across Placed (wreath separates A and C) / in / Statvary. Hall / Washington / D C / Feb. • XVII / M. C. M. V. (1905); below microscopic Childs Chicago.

HK-770 Bronze. 38mm.
HK-771 Aluminum.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Female bust r. with wreath at l. shoulder; above Frances E. Willard; wreath-like border.
Rev. Scene of male figure addressing group of 12 females in front of building; second male figure at l. border; above, around Woman's Christian Temperance Union / Dec. 15, 1873; below all 1933.

HK-772 Bronze. 35mm.