So-Called Dollars


John Gregg Fee (1816-1901), abolitionist, clergyman and educator was born in Bracken County, KY, Sept. 9, 1816. Trained for foreign missionary service, he became rabid abolitionist, decided to stay in Kentucky and fight slavery. He established churches but was expelled from them. In 1853, along with Cassius Clay and John A. R. Rogers, he founded Berea College; also Union Church.

Opposition to movement was intense. Fee and Clay quarreled and split, leaving former with only small group to fight angry public. Following John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, Berea College was accused of being secret headquarters for revolutionary forces; Fee forced to leave state under threat of lynching and college closed down during Civil War. In 1863 Fee returned to Berea, resumed pastorate; when college re-opened, he served as trustee until he died. Medal probably was struck shortly after Fee's death.

Photos courtesy of H. Joseph Levine, Presidential Coin & Antique Co. Inc.

Obv. Male bust facing l.; around God Hath Made of One Blood All Nations of Men.; below bust 1816 John G. Fee 1901
Rev. Log cabin; above Berea, Ky. / 1855.; below cabin, to l. microscopic Murdock, to r. microscopic Cincinnati. O.; below First / College Building

HK-769 Aluminum. 38mm.

HK-768 to HK-768a