So-Called Dollars


Salina Centennial, Inc. organized locally; chartered September 1957 as non-profit corporation; directly staged celebration May 4-10, 1958. Medal sponsored and sold for 50 cents by Salina Centennial, Inc.; 2,000 pieces struck by Wendell-Northwestern and "there were not enough to go around."

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. Central design depicts 2 pioneers and an Indian on bluff to l. overlooking city to r.; to l. is 1858, to r. 1958; in upper center is an airplane, below city is a covered wagon; above all Salina / Kansas; at bottom edge Centennial
Rev. Relief map of U.S. with Kansas in center; 5-pointed star at location of Salina, crossroads N. and S., E. and W.; around outline of state, above Where North and South, below Meet East and West--all within center circle; at top, around Salina Centennial, Inc.; at l. edge is covered wagon, at r. edge an airplane; at bottom, around "Wagons to Wings"

HK-712 Gilt. 33mm.

HK-710 to HK-711