So-Called Dollars


Medal issued by Jubilee Commission; designed by Ida Prokop Lee, sculptress known for her Dakota Prairie Pictures, who maintained her studio near city. Celebration held June 24-29; included water sports, beauty contest, pageant and usual parades, banquets and ball. This 75th anniversary was separate and distinct from annual North Dakota Winter Show whose symbol is part of obverse design of medal. Started 1938 in Valley City as "small cattle show with a few reluctant exhibitors," Winter Show has grown into "week-long festival of agriculture." Medal distributed by Commission; 10,000 struck by Medallic Art Co.; sold for $1.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Raised center design, resembling 5 spokes of a wheel, portraying principal features of city i.e. (clockwise between spokes) flour mill, municipal light and power plant, TV tower, animal portraits and four leaf clover (symbols of North Dakota's Winter Show) and edifice; on spokes are grain, corn and fish; on hub of spokes 1958; above all Valley City; below all Diamond Jubilee
Rev. State Seal within circle; outside, around October 1st Great Seal 1889 State of North Dakota

HK-713 Bronze, on edge Medallic Art Co. N. Y. 38mm.