So-Called Dollars


Medal is smaller replica of three-inch Official Medal; latter authorized by Medal subcommittee of Mayor's Catskill Aqueduct Celebration Committee; issued by American Numismatic Society; designed and modeled by Daniel Chester French, sculptor. Official Medal was subscription issue, not struck but cast, limited to 12 Silver and 57 Bronze pieces. Society "had no association" with striking of these replicas by Medallic Art Co.; issuer and number struck not known.

In 1933, president of the Medallic Art Co., Clyde Curlee Trees, choose the obverse of this medal as firm's logo and included it on stationery, in advertising and even on nameplates attached to plaques. Firm retained the logo throughout the years and it is still in use by successor company Medallic Art & Mint.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Female head, in high relief, facing r. (symbolic head of Greater New York); beneath neck, microscopic D C F; beaded border.
Rev. Full figure of youthful nude male facing l., standing erect, resting on l. shoulder is classic vase from which gush waters of new aqueduct; figure divides lettering, across in 5 lines, To Commemorate the Completion / of the Catskill Aqueduct / An Achievement of Civic Spirit / Scientific Genius and Faithful Labor / 1905 New York 1917. (No beaded border.)

HK-667 Bronze, on edge Medallic Art Co. N. Y. 38mm.

HK-666 to HK-666a