So-Called Dollars


To commemorate end of Spanish-American War, August 1898, and return to peace, several U.S. cities had medals struck for local celebrations.

Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Washington, D. C. and other cities issued medals to mark occasion but all known to authors are holed or looped. Only medal known to qualify for this work is this small gold dollar-size piece of Philadelphia.

Photos courtesy of Dave Perkins
Photos shown twice actual size.

Obv. Dove with olive branch; beaded border.
Rev. Across center Oct. / 26-27 / 1898 / *; above around Peace Jubilee; below around Philadelphia; beaded border.

HK-643 Bronze, size of Gold Dollar. 14mm.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. Angel with star above and cherub facing, angel holding olive branch in right hand, cherub holding caduceus in left hand; to left Peace; to right Jubilee; below 1898; on scroll below all Philadelphia Oct. 26-27; beaded border.
Rev. U.S. flag waving right on wreath; around Let Us Have Peace.

HK-643a White Metal. 35mm. Rulau Pa-Phl 75.
HK-643b Bronze.