So-Called Dollars

1959, 1960, 1961

Medals struck by Wendell-Northwestern, Minneapolis and distributed by them free of charge to those attending convention.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. In upper half is bridge (Golden Gate) against coastal background; below bridge, to l., San / Francisco; below is a cable car on steep incline; below, around The City by the Golden Gate
Rev. Across, in 7 lines, 45th Convention / Marking Device / Association / October 7-9 1959 / A Marking Industry / Product / by Wendell-Northwestern, Inc.

HK-750 Bronze, oxidized. 34mm.
HK-751 Gilt Bronze.

Obv. Same as obverse of No. 750 [Cable car]. UNIFACE.

HK-751a Gilt Bronze. 34mm.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Edifices; above, around, "The Capital of the World"; below edifices, New York / City
Rev. Across, 50th Anniversary / Convention / Marking Device / Association / Oct. 12-14, 1960 / New York, N.Y. / Wendell-NW. Mpls.

HK-751b Gilt Bronze. 34mm.
HK-751c Bronze, oxidized.

Photos courtesy of Tom Hoffman

Obv. Edifices above and below, across center, Chicago / "Convention Capital of the World".
Rev. Across, 47th Annual / Convention / Marking Device / Association / Sept. 13-15, 1961 / Chicago, Ill. Around edge, Wendell-NW. Mpls.

HK-751d Gilt Bronze. 34mm.
HK-751e Silver, on edge Sterling.

HK-747 to HK-749