So-Called Dollars


Medal commemorates centennial of first meeting of General Assembly (legislature) of state and not centennial of Statehood, South Carolina having been admitted into Union May 23, 1778. Three day celebration began Wednesday, May 13; principal exercises and Ball held on grounds of South Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical Society; followed by usual parades, band concerts, fireworks, "tournaments and street amusements." These were Official Medals, sponsored by Centennial Committee; issue quite limited.

Photos courtesy of W. David Perkins

Obv. Around Centennial Celebration of the First Meeting; in center, across of the / scrolls / General Assembly / scrolls / of the Start of / South Carolina / --in the-- / City of Columbia / in the Year 1791 / Celebrated at / Columbia, S. C. / May 13-15. 1891; beaded border.
Rev. State Seal with full female figure to l. and full male figure to r.; above is winged angel blowing horn; below South / Carolina; beaded border.

HK-621 Copper. 38mm.
HK-622 White Metal.

HK-619 to HK-620