So-Called Dollars


This was official medal of celebration, proceeds of sale "to go to a fund for a monument or some permanent memorial" of anniversary. Designed by Bicentennial Committee; struck by Whitehead & Hoag; issue limited to 60 Silver and 1,000 Bronze pieces. Silver specimens were presented to New Orleans and Montreal and Bronze ones to 14 other cities "as being closest to Mobile historically."

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. Busts l. and r. within twin ovals separated by scrolls at top and bottom; outside, above Mobile / 1711 Bi-Centennial 1911; outside, below l. bust, on ribbon, Iberville; below r. bust, on ribbon, Bienville; below 1911
Rev. Five large crossed flags (of 5 countries ruling Mobile over 200 years) above and around small oval; dates around flags, clockwise from top: 1813, 1780, 1861, 1702, 1763; within oval City of Mobile above and Agriculture & Commerce below small sailing ship with agricultural products above; below all, at lower border, microscopic The Whitehead & Hoag Co Newark, N. J.

HK-658 Silver. 38mm.
HK-659 Bronze.