So-Called Dollars


Western Reserve comprises 5,280 sq. mi. in northeastern corner of Ohio; celebration centered in Cleveland but General Moses Cleveland's original surveying expedition first entered Reserve July 4, 1796 at Conneaut, 60 mi. to east on Lake Erie.

Under their colonial charters, some states had claims on western lands, Connecticut's being "from sea to sea." States' western rights ceded to U.S. 1784-86 but Connecticut "reserved" above territory from its own conveyance. During next 10 years, state gave away and sold entire area; then deeded all 3,500,000 acres to Federal Government May 20, 1800, to simplify jurisdiction, U.S. having created Northwest Territory 1787, with its capital at Marietta. Ohio was admitted to Statehood March 1, 1803.

This was Official Medal of centennial celebration at Conneaut; issue quite limited.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Team of horses and wagon proceeding l., above Official Float--all within center circle; outside, around Western Reserve Centennial; below * 1896 *
Rev. Cabins and flag on bluff above sea and ship, below July 4th / 1796.--all within center circle; outside, around Landing of Moses Cleveland; below * Conneaut, O. *

HK-638 White Metal. 43mm.

HK-637 to HK-637a