So-Called Dollars


A variety of privately struck medals were issued to commemorate Alaska's admission to Statehood Jan. 3, 1959, but only limited number qualify for listing here.

Dubbed "Seward's Folly" in 1867 when purchased from Russia by Secretary of State Seward for $7,200,000, Alaska had returned $3,500,000,000 in products to United States when finally admitted to Union. With area of over 656,000 square miles and 2000 population of 630,000, it is the largest yet most thinly settled of all states.

NOTE: See also ALASKA-HAWAII STATEHOOD (Combined)--1959.


Conceived, designed and issued by G & G Distributors, Los Angeles, CA; substantial number struck; sold for 75 cents to $1.50.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Crossed flags with spread-wing totem pole between; above Alaska / The Last Frontier State; below flags In God We Trust; below, around 49 Star Flag Official July 4, 1959
Rev. Map of U.S. with map of Alaska super-imposed on center, on latter 49th / State; above map Alaska / Annexed / October 18, 1867; below map Admitted / January 3, 1959 / The 49th State

HK-527 Nickel-silver. 38mm.