So-Called Dollars


Medal was privately issued, during centennial year of President Roosevelt's birth, by Ida Prokop Lee, sculptress of Valley City, North Dakota; designed by Mrs. Lee; 10,000 Bronze pieces struck by Medallic Art Co.; sold for $1.

Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park was created 1947 by National Park Service, division of Department of Interior. With area of 68,700 acres, Park includes famous Badlands along Little Missouri River and part of Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch, North Dakota.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Male bust facing front; below l. shoulder, microscopic I. Prokop Lee--all in center circle; outside above Theodore Roosevelt; outside below 1858 • Centennial • 1958 •
Rev. Scene of American flag flying over stone memorial bearing Roosevelt on a horse, cabin and badlands in background; below Theodore Roosevelt / National • Memorial • Park / North Dakota / Badlands

HK-526 Bronze. 38mm.

HK-517 to HK-525b