So-Called Dollars


Purpose: To celebrate 100th anniversary of Statehood; to dedicate Bennington Battle Monument.

Organization, History: Centennial Commission created by 1890 legislature; Citizens Committee of Fifty organized as auxiliary to Commission. Bennington Battle Monument Association formed early 1880's to erect memorial to battle of Aug. 16, 1777 where Burgoyne first met defeat in march from Canada to cut off New England from other colonies. Monument cornerstone laid Aug. 16, 1887 "with impressive Masonic ceremonies"; then work " for completion." Commission, Citizens' Committee and Monument Association concentrated on monument dedication ceremony almost to complete exclusion of other centennial activities.

Site, Dates: First observance March 4, 1891 (exact anniversary) limited largely to that by legislature in Montpelier. Combined centennial ceremony and monument dedication held at Bennington, Aug. 19, 1891, in presence of "many thousands."

Comment: Apparently greater emphasis given dedication of Bennington Battle Monument than Statehood centennial. Monument is simple shaft of limestone, in form of obelisk, 300 ft. high; designed by J. Ph. Rinn, Boston. Celebration consisted mainly of military parade and historical oratory; concluded by Ex-Gov. Prescott, Association President transferring monument to state; accepted by Gov. Page.

Medals: Official Medal designed by Centennial Commission and Monument Association; extent of issue not known.


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Obv. In center is design of shield, draped around by 6 flags over cannon at l. and at r.; around design are 14 stars; below design 1791-1891; border legend Centennial celebration of the admission of Vermont as a state.
Rev. In center is counter-sunk area containing tall monument with 1777 to l. and 1891 to r.; on main surface, to l. around Dedication Bennington; on main surface, to r. around Battle monument

HK-150 Bronze. 38mm.
HK-151 White Metal.


Struck by Philadelphia medalist William H. Warner, who was also the brother of Col. Seth Warner.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Male busts in each of twin circles; eagle above; shield and leaves with berries below; in l. circle Maj. Gen. / J. Stark; in r. circle Col. Seth / Warner; above all, around Battle of Bennington fought Aug. 16. 1777; below all Vermont admitted / Into the Union March 4 1791.
Rev. Monument; to l. Dedicated; to r. Aug. 19. 1891; above, around Bennington battle monument.

HK-152 Brass. 38mm.
HK-152a Bronze.
HK-153 White Metal.
HK-153a Aluminum.