So-Called Dollars


Alongside the Hudson River, on New York City's Riverside Drive at 122nd street, stands Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), 18th President of the United States and Mrs. Grant (1826-1902). Designed by Edward Casey, Tomb is white granite, formal Roman-style mausoleum, 165 ft. tall, costing over $600,000. Construction started 1891; dedicated by President William McKinley April 27, 1897. Some authorities feel Tomb "suffers as a monument in his honor through comparison with that of Napoleon, which it invites." Maintained by city for over 60 years, National Park Service of U.S. Department of Interior finally accepted maintenance in 1958.

Either or both medals below probably were of official nature. Memorial was financed by public contributions and considerable revenue was derived from sale of medals and other souvenirs.


Photos courtesy of W. David Perkins

Obv. Male bust in high relief facing r.; around U. S. Grant 1822-1885; beaded border.
Rev. Edifice; below Dedicated / 1897; around Riverside Park New York; no beaded border.

HK-278 White Metal. 35mm.
HK-278a Bronze.


Photos courtesy of Jonathan Brecher

Obv. Male bust in high relief facing l.; around General U. S. Grant; spray of leaves below front of bust; below l. shoulder, microscopic R. Sneider, F. New York.
Rev. Let * Us * Have * Peace / Dedication of / on ribbon or band, with leaves above and below, Gen. U. S. Grant's / below ribbon Monument / New York / April * 27th * 1897

HK-279 White Metal. 38mm.
HK-279a Bronze.

HK-276 to HK-277