So-Called Dollars


Purpose: To celebrate 100th anniversary of Statehood and ‘to preserve in fitting form a memorial to the history of the state; to foster among the people a pride in that history."

Organization: Idea conceived 1909 by Louisiana Historical Society; General Assembly (legislature) Act of 1910 authorized Society to stage celebration in New Orleans, first state capital; appropriated $500. Act provided that Federal cooperation be requested; that other states and territories, Great Britain, France, Spain and 20 other American republics be invited to participate. Board of Liquidation granted $5,000; city $500; additional contributions by city Credit Men's Association, Board of Trade, Mississippi Packet Co., River Pilots' Association and many private citizens.

Site, Date: Main celebration in New Orleans, April 30, 1912, but governor asked all Louisianans to observe anniversary; declared school holiday and suspended state business "so far as compatible with public affairs."

Comment: Celebration consisted mainly of military and civic parade and oratory; in attendance were U.S. Secretary of State Knox, Governors of Alaska and Mississippi and diplomats from 9 European and Central American countries. Ceremonies held at Cabildo, Presbytery and state museum buildings; children's program in Jackson Square; banquet at Grunewald Hotel. Important feature was formal opening of State Museum of History and Commerce.

Medal: This was Official Medal; designer and number struck unknown.

Photos courtesy of John Raymond

Obv. Pelican feeding its young; below, in streamer Non Sibi Sed Suis (one of state's mottos; translation: "Not for himself but for others"); above, around Centennial of Louisiana Statehood; below, around 1812--April 30--1912
Rev. Relief map of Louisiana; across, in curved line Louisiana; location of New Orleans marked New Orleans

HK-396 Bronze, scalloped edge. 38mm.

HK-393 to HK-395