So-Called Dollars


Purpose: To commemorate 250th anniversary of Landing of Pilgrims.

Organization: Celebration sponsored and staged by Pilgrim Society, chartered 1819; Society organized "to...honor...memory of...Pilgrim Fathers, procure...suitable lot for erection of a monument" to their "virtues, enterprise and unparalleled sufferings." (See also Part I, National Monument to the Forefathers, Undated--Circa 1889). First meeting held May 18, 1820; on first Forefathers Day celebration, Dec. 21, 1820, Daniel Webster was principal speaker.

Pilgrim Hall, operated by Society, built 1824; later remodeled. Here are preserved history and records, personal and household property of Pilgrims--English, Scotch and Dutch Puritans, 102 in number--who landed from Mayflower Dec. 21, 1620 on Massachusetts coast, north of Cape Cod. Extension of term now includes any early Puritan settlers in New England. Society's financial support provided by 300 Life and Annual Members and by "generous gifts and subscriptions."

Site, Date: Church of First Parish and elsewhere in Plymouth; Dec. 21, 1870.

Comment: Invitations to celebration were issued over wide area "to the most distinguished people." Two special trains of guests were met by procession; conducted to Memorial Service at Church of First Parish, Town Square, to hear "oration" by U.S. Senator C. Winthrop. Dinner served to 900 in new railway station, tracks being boarded over to provide facilities; Ball held in Davis Hall attended by about "400 ladies and gentlemen."

Medals: Extensive research fails to establish exact origin of issue. Names of A. C. Warren and Jarvis E. Ellis, both then Members of Pilgrim Society, appear on Medal; probably was designed by former and engraved by latter ("J. E. Ellis • F •"); struck by Scovill Manufacturing Co, Waterbury, CT; copies presented to officials and guests at celebration. Silver specimen is in possession of Pilgrim Society. Medal is rare in all metals.

Photos courtesy of Tom Hoffman

Obv. Scene depicting Landing of Pilgrims; above Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial; below all 1620 / 1870; to l. of 1870 microscopic J. E. Ellis • F •; to r. microscopic A. C. Warren.
Rev. Holy Bible within central wreath, bird above; above all "Whose Faith Follow"; below all microscopic J. E. E.

HK-13 Silver-plated. 37mm.
HK-13a Silver.
HK-13b White Metal.
HK-14 Copper.
HK-15 Brass.

HK-12 to HK-12b