So-Called Dollars


The Sterling Investment Co. was incorporated by three members of the same family Feb. 13, 1930. Its charter was revoked on the first Monday in March 1934 for failure to file an annual list of officers and directors, to designate a resident agent and to file his acceptance thereof, and to pay the filing fee and penalty thereon. The charter has never been reinstated.

An agent of Pedley-Ryan & Co., Denver, CO, called at the office of the Sterling Co. and sold a junior member of the latter firm 2,500 planchets to be stamped incuse with its name, city and state. Reverse dies of a Pedley-Ryan token, No. 825, were employed after a plan to use Nevada State Seal was abandoned. Purposes were publicity and stimulus to buying of silver.

Sterling's senior member and manager was away on business when order was placed. He returned about the time the tokens arrived from Denver, disapproved their use, and ordered them returned to Pedley-Ryan & Co., which melted them. A few had, in the meantime, been issued to friends and customers for $1 each.

Photos courtesy of W. David Perkins

Obv. Sterling / Investment / Co. Inc. / Reno / Nevada
Rev. 1933 / Silver / 430 Grains

HK-821 Silver. 38mm.