So-Called Dollars


The United Nations Charter, adopted unanimously by the 51 original members June 26, 1945, became effective upon ratification by majority members Oct. 24, 1945. The General Assembly (main deliberative body) unanimously adopted a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

The General Assembly is composed of five main bodies: Security Council, International Court of Justice, Secretariat, Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council. Its five principal committees are Political, Economic, Social, Legal and Administrative. It is the right of every member to be represented on each committee.

Obverse of the medal depicts United Nations Council Hall, Secretariat and Library buildings, situated on East River, New York City. Reverse recites U.N. Pledge. The medal has dot on obverse center, which allows it to spin on smooth surfaces.

Designer and striker unknown; total of 10,000 pieces struck in both metals; believed to have been issued first in 1948 at $1.50.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Edifices and grounds, scroll to left of center dot; above, * United Nations *; below, Nations Unies
Rev. Top legend, around, We the Peoples of the United Nations; in seven lines, center, Pledge / "To Practice / Tolerance / and Live Together / in Peace with / One Another as / Good Neighbors"; below, arrow, pointing to bottom edge, near which is legend around, * Good Fortune Follows Me *

HK-914 Gilt. 35mm.
HK-915 Aluminum.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

HK-914a Gilt, without arrow on reverse.
HK-915a Aluminum, without arrow on reverse.
HK-915b Copper-nickel, without arrow on reverse.

HK-910 to HK-913