So-Called Dollars


Designed and modeled by Ulysses A. Ricci. Struck by Medallic Art Co.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Sailing ship; at upper l. 1638, at upper r. 1938; at l. of hull Kalmar, at r. of hull Nyckel (this is name of ship, "Key of Kalmar," Kalmar being city in Sweden); below all Tercentenary of Delaware.
Rev. State Seal within wide closed wreath; on wreath around, on individual ribbons, are 17 names of individuals; beginning at upper r. border, clockwise, Read, Dickinson, Macdonough, Jones, Shipley, Tatnall, Saulsbury, Ridgely, Dupont, Gray, Bayard, Van Dyke, Layton, Kirkwood, Haslet, McKean and Rodney.

HK-697 Bronze. 35mm.